Object number: 3-24B-23
Amarna Period - large Sherd with original painting

from an old german collection
Date: Egypt, New Kingdom, late 18th. Dyn. (Amarna Period) c. 1350 B.C.
Material: Clay with original painting
Size: c. 8.5 cm x 8.0 cm
Condition: Fragment
Provenance: Old german private collection T. R. (Düsseldorf before 1983)
Price: $1.15 
Object descripton:

Large Sherd from the Amarna Period with Original Painting!

Such painted pottery from Malqata and Amarna are palace - ceramic(s) and/or ceramic(s) for festive causes!
See in addition literature: Hayes, The Scepter of Egypt, page 247!

Literature for Amarna sherds:
William C Hayes, The Scepter of Egypt, part II: The Hyksos Period and the new Kingdom (1675-1080 B.C.), Cambridge 1959!
Coline Hope, Blue painted and Polychrome decorated Pottery from Amarna: Preliminary corpus, in: Cahiers de la Ceramique egyptienne 2, 1991!