Object number: 3-22B-23
Faience Necklace from the Middle Kingdom

- rare and choice quality -

from an old english collection
Date: Egypt, Middle Kingdom, 11th. / 12th. Dyn. c. 2133-1797 B.C.
Material: Faience
Size: c. 41.5 cm
Condition: restrung on a modern nylon-coated stainless steel flexcord with clasp
Provenance: Old english private collection J. B. (London before 1983)
Price: $569.25 
Object descripton:

Seltene Fayencekette bestehend aus sog. "Barrel Beads" aus dem Mittleren Reich von hervorragender Qualit├Ąt!

Vergleiche finden sich im Petrie Museum in London, Inventarnummer UC51068 (12.Dynastie).